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What works in education technology, computing and digital learning

Useful resources

Useful resources

Introduction to Computing & the National Curriculum
Mark Dorling from CAS gives a big picture overview of the Computing Curriculum and what leaders should think about first

Computing & the National Curriculum
Myles Berry shares his perspectives on the Computing Curriculum and how teachers can prepare for the way ahead


Who we are and what this site aims to do

Edtechguide.info has been developed by The Education Foundation and UKIE with the support of the London Enterprise Panel and the Greater London Authority

In 2015, The Education Foundation and UKIE conducted a major piece of research to map the digital, computing and technology needs of schools, colleges and industry across London. A legacy of this work was the production of this new beta, test-bed guide for senior education leaders on education technology, computing and digital learning.

We are looking to create a network of senior leaders who wish to share their lessons and learning in developing a strategic approach to technology across their institutions.

So feel free to share your stories, resources and case studies with us …

This site is written by educators for educators and we want to thank the Greater London Authority for their input. Particular thanks go to leading education technology experts Mark Chambers, CEO, NAACE; Mark Dorling, National CPD Co-ordinator, Computing at School (CAS); Shahneila Saeed, Programme Director, Digital Schoolhouse, Ukie and Rachel Jones, King Edward VI School for their invaluable input.

Meet the team

Ian Fordham


Co-founder of The Education Foundation. CEO of Edtech UK & Director of the Edtech Incubator. Former Head of Policy and Training for education and learning charities ContinYou and Education Extra; Education entrepreneur, former teacher and member of the Cross government Education Technology Action Group (ETAG)

Rachel Jones


Head of E-learning at King Edwards VI School in Southampton is a Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. Her blog was a finalist in the EduBlog awards, and UKEdChat top 100 blogs, and was recognised on the Education Foundation Reformers list. She is the author of Don’t Touch the Lightbulbs published in 2014 and Teacher Geek to be published in 2015.

Shahneila Saeed


Programme Director for the Digital Schoolhouse programme at UKIE. A board member of Computing at School (CAS) who was part of the working party to propose a Computing Curriculum. She has been Head of Computing/ICT at a London secondary school, responsible for introducing Computer Science into all Key Stages.

Theo Blackwell

Head of Public Policy and Public Affairs at Ukie Рthe Association for UK Interactive Entertainment. He also leads the Next Gen Skills campaign for Ukie where he successfully lobbied for the new Computing curriculum to be introduced.  He sits on the boards of the UK Forum for Computing Education and the UK Digital Skills Taskforce.

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