Edtech Guide – welcome

Welcome to Edtechguide.info – a beta website set up by The Education Foundation and UKIE to support senior education leaders in schools and share information and knowledge about the big picture of education technology, computing and digital learning.

The site has been developed with the support of the London Enterprise Panel and the Greater London Authority who commissioned us to research and map the digital, computing and technology needs of schools, colleges and industry across London.

A legacy of that work is this online guide – where we share a big picture view and signpost you to of some of the key issues related to education technology, the computing curriculum, technology enabled learning and digital innovation across London but also across the UK.

We hope that you find the site useful and we will be adding resources and content over the Summer of 2015 ahead of a launch in the Autumn 2015. Thank you for visiting and please share your story with us, send us more information and contact us to make the site as useful as possible.